Friday, February 16, 2007



Well, some news from TV news to tell you about.

Found out that Keith Olbermann has re-upped with MSNBC. Four more years for the worst person in the world. (Just kidding.)

Actually, the really big surprise here is that Olbermann is able to keep a job! Olbermann has the worst record in the world for hopping from station to station, job to job, and so on. He left a Boston-area station after only six months, bounced around a couple of places in LA, and also worked for CNN. He worked for ESPN with Dan Patrick on The Big Show (Sportscenter), but torched his connection to that place by going on Craig Kilborn's show to blast Bristol, Connecticut as a place to live and work. Then he went to MSNBC and ended up quitting in protest over the coverage of Monica Lewinsky, and then he went to Fox Sports and ended up leaving there, too. Now he's finally able to keep a job, back at MSNBC--- and interestingly, also does sports talk appearing on ESPN Radio. So the news is Olbermann isn't going anywhere. Finally, some stability for him.


Wish we could say the same for former Fox and Friends "news babe" Kiran Chetry (pictured) who today turned up on CNN after negotiations with Fox News Channel completely fell apart. TVNewser had the scoop on the ugly negotiations that were going on. In fact they were bragging about their scoop, saying "first on TVNewser" and the like. Way to go.

Apparently Fox News was stark raving mad at Kiran's agent at the William Morris Agency for supposedly conducting the negotiations in an unprofessional manner and for making ridiculous, over-the-top demands. There was some letter that their business affairs people sent to the agency, claiming the agent was more or less demanding that one of the other anchors at Fox News Channel be removed to make room for Kiran Chetry! The headline over on TVNewser was of the "was Kiran Chetry trying to get Gretchen Carlson fired" variety. In fact, TV Newser says this is what FTVLive was reporting, that she was angling to get Carlson removed. There's also another story where people are saying this isn't true, she wasn't trying to get anyone fired. Who knows. I think this was a case of a very nasty negotiation and some hard feelings.

Personally, I think Kiran might have been mad at getting passed over for that morning show job that Gretchen Carlson eventually got--- if that's the case, then no wonder the agent was making ridiculous hardball demands.

And I think Fox News was mad because they knew Kiran was leaving, so they decided to cut her and her agent down a notch. They do not take defections well over there--- they had a huge cow when Paula Zahn defected. In fact the moment they got wind that she was leaving, they fired her! What a business.

Anyway, Kiran still has the same lousy gig she had before, except now it's for CNN. Hope her agent got her more money.


Fox News has also wasted no time making a new hire: they just added gorgeous hottie Courtney Friel who was best known for hosting, of all things, the World Poker Tour. Check her demo reel. Also, I just couldn't resist posting one of her many cute swimsuit photos (pictured). She's a babe!

Meanwhile, serious newswomen reach for the antacids- just like their male counterparts. This is where the news business is headed, folks.

She should fit right in with Megyn, Juliet, Gretchen, Laurie, Julie, Kimberly, and all the rest of "Roger's beauties" over there at Fox. But Courtney is going to have to get used to wearing boots and clingy sweaters from now on--- she'll have to ditch the bikini look over there.

UPDATE: I've added Courtney's web site to the broadcasters' links. Hey, reading her bio I notice she majored in political science in college (just like me!).

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