Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Well, the folks over at Fishbowl NY completed their big Money Honey poll and they announced that the winner is none other than the brainy, well-informed Squawk Box financial news babe Becky Quick.

Way to go, Becky. I voted for you, too. Here's a link to a web site that some fan put up in her honor.Becky can now rightfully claim to call herself the Money Honey--- or at least the new Money Honey. What's Maria Bartiromo going to do about this? I think she should sue; that TM ought to be worth something.

As for Becky, she should ask for a raise. She won with 54% of the vote, clobbering Erin Burnett who finished with 17%, in spite of her hype and her overall hotness, and the fact that she's apparently losing weight. (She must be working out.) One voter said of her: "I'd like to vote for Erin, but with her rise in airtime, she appears to be dropping more and more weight. The overly skinny look just doesn't cut it for me." As for Maria, she only got 12% so she ought to fire her campaign manager.

I guess Sue Herera doesn't have too many fans because she only got 5% of the vote. I get a laugh reading some of the comments of some of these voters. My favorite was the one about Liz Claman. "If you only knew what she looked like before she got married and had children ... OMG." There was also a supporter offering a write-in vote for Michelle Caruso Cabrera, saying she is "cuter than all of them".

Anyway, enough of that, this poll is sooooo silly and stupid. Next they'll do a poll to see who the hottest male is at CNBC. Don't tell me, let me guess: Jim Cramer (LOL).

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