Saturday, February 24, 2007


As expected the terrible Basic Instinct 2 (aka Basically It Stinks, Too) swept the Razzies tonight. It was awarded (?) the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture and, in a supreme injustice, the famous naked movie star Sharon Stone takes home Worst Actress.

Oh, come on. Couldn't they find someone else to give the Worst Actress award to? At least last year the Razzies gave its award to a legitimately brutal actress, the lovable Jenny McCarthy. But Sharon--- you know, she's at least trying to be a good actress. I mean, she was in Bobby for crying out loud. And she once got nominated for an Oscar for Casino and has won other awards--- real ones. She deserves better than this. In fact, this is the second time she's won Worst Actress; the first time was for Intersection in 1994! And she's been Razzie-nominated five other times-- for Sliver and other crap.

This is not fair. Sharon was the only good thing about this lousy movie. Basic Instinct 2 was definitely a piece of junk, but most people did think the movie deserved at least one or two stars on the strength of Sharon Stone and her incredible hot body. This role certainly brought out her natural animal magnetism. Her performance may have been completely over the top, and it was definitely really embarrassing, but at least it was sort of entertaining. And from a pure physical standpoint, Sharon looks better than she's looked in years. By letting her hair grow long again, Sharon appears at least 10 years younger. Face it, Sharon Stone looks great at age 48.

So while I would have thrown the book at the whole rest of that embarrassing movie, I wouldn't have given a Razzie to Sharon. It just seems like a cheap shot to do that, and besides, she has her Razzie already anyway. Instead, I would have given it to the truly awful Jessica Simpson for Employee of the Month and Just My Luck, because based on her lousy screen efforts she truly deserves it. She's absolutely terrible, and that's all I'll say about that.

Actually, I'm also a little biased because I love Sharon Stone and have followed her career closely--- from before Basic Instinct, even. She's probably my favorite actress, in fact- I think her flirty "sex kitten" routine is a blast, plus everyone knows how intelligent and brainy she really is. I've found it fascinating to see her grow as a movie actress. She actually became a big star rather late in her career. She appeared in so many really bad movies and TV shows in the 1980s, playing so many awful "babe" roles, that it was a joke. Talk about a career in the toilet: her biggest role in the whole 1980s was opposite Richard Chamberlain in the god-awful piece of junk King Soloman's Mines. That role was a bit of a precursor of what was to come for Sharon because she was really sexy in that flick, wearing tight cut-off shorts. She also was in the sequel Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold, and was in one of those bad Police Academy sequels, and appeared in Action Jackson opposite Carl Weathers. Lots of total dreck and terrible roles, but at least the pay was good.

Sharon's career was actually starting to look up by the time she was cast in Total Recall opposite Ahhhnold. She appeared in Playboy around the same time, which got her attention and solid "babe" credentials, and Total Recall turned out to be a pretty good movie. So Sharon was becoming a rising star, and then came that famous between-the-legs shot that finally put her on the A-list and made her world famous for good.

Sharon's done a lot worse than Basic Instinct 2 with all that awful dreck she was in at the start of her career. It makes no sense that she takes home a Razzie for playing Catherine Tramell, her greatest role of all time, when she should have taken home Razzies thoughout the entire 1980s for those awful Allan Quartermain and Police Academy movies. But that's life. Sharon, you naughty girl you.

Oh, and congrats to Carmen Electra for winning Worst Supporting Actress for Date Movie and Scary Movie 4, beating out another favorite of mine Jenny McCarthy. All of my favorite women are Razzie-award winners or nominees! Life is not fair.

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