Friday, February 02, 2007


Couple of items:

Fishbowl NY is doing a Money Honey poll. They are asking their readers whether Maria Bartiromo really is the "hottest CNBC money honey". Their other nominees are Sue Herera, Liz Claman, Erin Burnett and Becky Quick.

And based on the current vote totals Maria has a lot to worry about-- it's a dead heat between Becky and Erin. Me, I'd vote for Becky. I think she's cute. (!) (!)

Actually, when you think of it, pretty much all four of them have Maria beat in my opinion. And if you threw in the news babes over at MSNBC, CNN and Fox, Maria would be in even deeper trouble. If you put Maria up against Natalie Morales, JJ Ramberg, Juliet Huddy and Kiran Chetry, Maria would definitely have a tough time finishing higher than dead last. If you put her up against these female sports reporters or entertainment reporters, the rout would be even worse.

Maybe buying that TM for Money Honey wasn't so dumb an idea after all. Nice move, Maria. Anyway there's still plenty of time to vote in this absolutely silly, trivial, stupid contest. Judging financial reporters based on looks; what nonsense. What about their brains, darnet?! Voting ends Sunday.

Also, I hoped to post this last week but I forgot about it. KTLA in Los Angeles had its 60th anniversary and they have an anniversary web site up with a lot of their old video. They got a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame last week and I thought I'd post it, since much of Canada gets access to KTLA. Besides, that station is an institution in LA and their news department is first-rate. Check out the news video of the RFK assassination and the Northridge quake, and the OJ trial, and particularly the Rodney King beating. It was KTLA that got the famous beating video first and put it on the air. They scooped the competition and sparked outrage in the community that, much later, led to riots.

Finally, the apology seems to be down from the home page at Adult Swim for that brouhaha in Boston, but up on the site are some neat cartoons.

That's it for now.

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