Friday, February 23, 2007


Here's a link to the latest story over at Court TV about how Larry Birkhead is fighting to obtain DNA samples from Danielynn, and of course Howard K. Stern is doing his best to be uncooperative.

I have a question. Why the heck is all this in court to begin with?! I know a lot of money is at stake and all that, what with book deals and movies-of-the-week hanging in the balance. But these guys need to get together and just get these DNA tests done and get it over with, because the only people getting rich from this are the lawyers! It isn't worth fighting over in court because these cases are cut and dried! Figure out among yourselves what jurisdiction applies to all this nonsense, figure out for yourselves what laws apply and get the tests done already, man!!! If you need a judge to sign off on it, fine, but this court fight is the biggest waste of time ever.

Ultimately this isn't about paternity; this is all about greed and who ultimately profits off of Anna Nicole Smith. Why should people at home really care about that? This is disgusting, ladies and gentlemen.

The media coverage and the commentary by these uninformed commentators are a joke. Why the heck were those television cameras down there? What went on in that lousy courtroom down in Fort Lauderdale was a total waste of time for television viewers. The case was cut and dried and the outcome was totally predictable, and in fact people were a lot more unified on the actual issue of burial than the press led anyone to believe. So why did that case take so long to get settled? The best answer I can come up with is that all these lawyers were trying to get people to state on record various things that could affect paternity! And Judge Larry was taking his time trying to make sure he wasn't going to encroach on someone else's jurisdiction and make a complete hash of the decision. It was a total waste of time. I don't know why Larry King even bothered with it, really.

It's obvious people are fed up with this whole case. I am tuning in to these radio talk shows and people are saying they are fed up with turning on the television and seeing this live continuing coverage of Anna Nicole Smith. I'm sure the press will go nuts covering this funeral--- if it ever happens.

Now I understand a motion to stay yesterday's burial decision has been filed by Virgie Arthur's attorneys. So the nonsense that happened yesterday isn't settled yet, either. This is a FARCE and a waste of time.

Anyway, who am I to comment about all this--- what do I know? The one thing I've learned from this week is that I really don't have a clue what I am talking about. I should give up and cover the Oscars.

I'll break in with any Anna Nicole news if there's something big happening--- like an actual DNA test.

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