Tuesday, February 06, 2007


On the heels of last week's big Wonder Woman news ( that Joss Whedon had exited the project ) comes word of big changes at another Warner Brothers project, The Flash. Director David Goyer exited the project over the weekend, to be replaced by Shawn Levy. Levy of course has been on a roll with several commercial hits, none bigger than Night at the Museum which topped the box office for a good long time and made millions upon millions of dollars.

This doesn't sound promising, folks. First of all, who wants to see a movie about The Flash? The Flash was a second-tier DC character to begin with, not even on the same level as Superman or Batman. They had a TV show based on the Flash character years ago that ran on CBS, and it was a big flop. Let's face it, nobody cares about the Flash. If they make a movie about Wonder Woman, at least people would get excited to see a leggy actress playing the part. There's probably more interest in Aquaman, thanks to that fake movie on Entourage. But who wants to play the Flash? Adrian Grenier?! This Flash movie sounds like a bad idea from start to finish.

Especially now, based on what apparently went down with Goyer. Based on the story at Moviehole.net, Goyer was a real champion of this project. He had been pushing the Flash for years and tried to get a movie off the ground, and was pushing Ryan Reynolds to play the starring role. It sounds like he was looking for a "darker" version of the superhero, which would have been a lot better than some of the cartoonish Flash creations we have seen on TV and elsewhere. Goyer won rave reviews for his dark vision in Batman Begins and it sounds like he's a real comic book geek. If anyone could have pulled off a good Flash movie it was probably him.

But now he is off the project because the studio wants to go a different direction with the storyline. Sort of the same reason why Joss Whedon left/was kicked off Wonder Woman. It's too bad. If you're going to make a movie about a less prominent superhero like the Flash, at least have a guy with passion for the project running it! Then you stand a better chance that the movie that emerges will end up praised by lots of people. Nobody needs yet another bad comic book movie, but people might go out of their way to see one that's good.

Instead, it looks to me like Warner Brothers is looking to make a quick buck, pure and simple. What else can you say about the hiring of Levy? Among other things, he's directed Cheaper by the Dozen and Just Married, and of course Night at the Museum. So he sure can pack em in at the theaters.

I'm cynical, but it looks to me like the WB studio hired Shawn Levy because they thought he was the only guy capable of making a hit out of this lousy Flash character that no one cares about. But just because a director has directed hits in the past doesn't mean a thing; look at Michael Bay and the bath he took with The Island. Don't be surprised if the studio might go for some star actor for the role of the Flash: Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaghey, anyone who can get a crowd. I am convinced the powers that be are focusing on easy money. But they are much better off concentrating on making a good movie.

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