Tuesday, February 13, 2007


By now you probably have heard the big news that the Fox Business Channel is definitely a go for the fourth quarter of this year. Whoopee.

The bad news for Roger Ailes is that the people at these cable companies are going to force Fox to run real programming on weekends; none of these awful informercials that CNBC runs. Ailes has been whining about it and about how this won't make his channel any money, but this is a blessing in disguise! It will force the Fox Business Channel to run real programs on the weekends, and as a viewer I say this is good news. Fox Business News will get decent ratings on the weekends for sure. So already this channel is bound to be better than the crappy weekend CNBC.

Really, CNBC's weekend programming is pathetic, ladies and gentlemen. I tune in and it's one boring exercise infomercial after another for these various useless products. Either that or this TIME- LIFE junk. In fact, you see this all the time on weekends and late at night, these bleeping infomercials, on every channel these days. It used to be that late at night you got to see old movies from the vault, or old reruns of TV shows. You used to see reruns of the Untouchables, or The Fugitive, or The Saint! Not anymore.

Now you see Kevin Trudeau, or Tony Robbins, or Leeza Gibbons or Julie Moran hawking something. See, this is the fate that is in store for people like Thea Andrews and Maria Menounos when they eventually get old and leave entertainment reporting: they will be stuck making a living doing crummy infomercials.

Anyway, back to Fox Business Channel. The big speculation is that they will be going after these CNBC "money honeys" and wave big bucks at all of them to defect. But let's face it, Fox News is already loaded with babes. They already have Martha MacCallum, and Alexis Glick, and Terry Keenan and a host of other people. They don't need any more babes. Besides, if it's financial babes that they want, they don't need to go to CNBC for them; they can poach CBS News and Bloomberg Television! The women there are bound to be underpaid.

FOX doesn't need any babes. If the folks at FOX are smart they would poach the entire Squawk Box crew--- at least, these guys who were on for years like Mark Haines, David Faber and Joe Kernen. Those folks are really popular. And maybe they can try and do a deal with Ron Insana while they are at it, and give him a show, too. Credibility is what they want.

I'd also go after some talent that may be unhappy elsewhere or looking to move up in the world. I'd go after Pat Kiernan-- he used to do business news for ROBTV and he's now at New York 1. a local news channel. Fox Business News would be a step up, so go after him. They might also try and go after Trish Regan since she did business news at one point in time before going to CBS. And maybe they can get JJ Ramberg (gag! choke!) if they can lure her from MSNBC where she is wasting away doing real news- she has an MBA from Stanford.

I'm sure they could lure over some people from the Nightly Business Report on PBS! Heck, there are lots of places they can go for talent.

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