Friday, February 02, 2007


You know, this simultaneous substitution has got to go--- this business of the Canadian cable companies and satellite providers substituting the Canadian feed over top of the US one when the same program is on the air. So instead of seeing American Idol direct from FOX, we see the CTV feed over top of the FOX channel instead and see all the Canadian commercials.

During the Super Bowl the situation is really bad because we end up with nonstop promos for Global's programming (Entertainment Tonight Canada, Deal or No Deal) instead of these first-rate ads rolled out on TV for the first time in the USA, like these ones for CareerBuilder, or GoDaddy, or these other places. Honestly, what would you rather see: Candice Michelle having a wardrobe malfunction in a GoDaddy ad (pictured), or Cheryl Hickey? I'm sorry, but we've seen her lame ET promos before. Give us something different! Say this for the GoDaddy ads, they are different.

Speaking of GoDaddy, apparently their first two ad submissions were rejected by CBS, so some toned-down version will air on Sunday. The other two that were rejected are streaming on all the usual places, Youtube etc.

Anyway, you should have no problem actually seeing these ads. is the site to go to on Super Bowl Sunday for you Canadian fans angry at the CRTC for these stupid rules. Also, if you live close to the border in Southern Ontario you can simply reconnect your rabbit ears and watch the feed come in direct from channel 4 in Buffalo or channel 62 from Detroit.

Actually, when you think of it simultaneous substitution is really bad in southern Ontario, because of all the Canadian channels down there. You rarely ever get to see the actual signals from Buffalo TV on cable television because so many of their programs are "simultaneously substituted" by Canadian TV. But the good news is that you can actually get around the situation with rabbit ears down there, and can pull signals in directly from Buffalo. (The FOX signal on channel 29 just booms into Toronto.) Not the case if you live in a place like Calgary or Edmonton, though, and even in Vancouver you can't do it.

I believe the NFL Network will also be showing a special after the Super Bowl is over, showing all these ads that aired, and they will be streaming it online. At least, they did that last year. And there will be plenty of ads shown on Youtube.

You know, there is alway anger over this policy every year but it's worse than ever now. Thanks to the Internet everyone in Canada knows they are missing out on all these TV ads. So the anger about it this year is the worst it has ever been. Certainly I see more articles in the press about it and on the radio talk shows; these commercials are practically bigger than the game! Sooner or later the Canadian government is going to have to bow to public pressure and get rid of these substitutions during the Super Bowl, it makes Canada look like it's being run by Hugo Chavez or someone like that.

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