Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Watched CNN tonight and Larry King introduced John King (no relation) and Kiran Chetry who were hosting Anderson Cooper 360 tonight. These two were dubbed the Dynamic Duo by Mr. King. He quipped that they sounded like a good food dish. Kiran was looking at the camera with a stunned sort of look on her face at that comment. Way to go, Larry, you fool.

Anyway, read at the Post-Chronicle that Chetry was supposedly commanding $300,000 a year over at Fox News, and Fox wanted to bump it up to $400,000 in the new contract. But her agent definitely tried to be a "Big Swinging Dick", it appears, and he demanded $700,000 a year, plus a host gig for Kiran at Fox and Friends! Yeah, the agent tried to get Gretchen Carlson fired. So Fox News called the agent's bluff and canned Kiran.

Well, I sure hope Kiran Chetry is making more at CNN than what she made at Fox News- otherwise this is a big debacle for her and also for her agent. Not that she's likely to be starving. You know, based on these numbers it's obvious there's lots of money in TV news--- but it's all in the States, though.

As for bikini-newswoman Courtney Friel, who joined Fox News the next day after Kiran left, weather woman Janice Dean remarked to her slobbering co-anchors: “You guys have to wipe the drool off your mouths."

I wonder what fellow Fox News weatherman Chris Knowles thinks. Knowles is actually married to Kiran Chetry! Wonder what his opinion is of the bosses after all this. Should make for some interesting bedroom conversations with the wife.


Speaking of wives, or former ones--- found out that Fox News' Megyn Kelly is a single woman again (hence she's back to her maiden name) and has relocated to New York from Washington, D.C. for a new anchor gig there. Awesome. New York's a great town for singles, just ask Carrie Bradshaw.

The folks at Washington Life are in mourning already about her move. They posted a nice, classy picture of her for all these drooling bachelors in New York to see, these guys seeking wives (or at least a date). Click here for the picture of this hottie. Megyn should definitely go on "The Bachelorette." (Oops-- wrong network.)

UPDATE: Found out that Chris Knowles has parted ways with Fox News just this week. I'm sure it's got to do with his wife leaving and all that nonsense. Anyway that's that.

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