Sunday, February 04, 2007


Well today is Super Bowl Sunday and for live coverage of the game check out

Also, for live blogging of the commercials check out And to see the Super Bowl ads go to, and click on "commercials".

Hope Prince doesn't have a "wardrobe malfunction" during the half-time show, you can see what a riot that caused a few years back when that upstaged an entire game! No one cares about the game anymore--- it's all about the entertainment and the commercials. (Uh, who's playing?)

UPDATE: Ahem. Congratulations Global Television for ruining the end of the Super Bowl. As soon as the game counted down to zero, those geniuses immediately cut away and went straight to what was really important, their much hyped Deal or No Deal Canada.

Couldn't they have waited for the Colts to get the Vince Lombardi Trophy before cutting away?! That's what CBS did! Talk about disrespect. Think of the outrage in this country if they cut away from the awarding of the Stanley Cup, or even the Grey Cup. But that's what Global did tonight to the Colts. They cut away before they even named the MVP of the freaking game! Nice job, eh?

Thankfully I had access to a feed from Spokane that was free of all the Canadian ads so I avoided all this nonsense and got to see all the hardware handed out, plus the amusing talking animals and the entire GoDaddy marketing department on TV ads for the entire game.

It's not all negativity: at least the Global feed did not have the so-called Janet Jackson delay that afflicted the USA telecast. So Canadian fans should be thrilled, right?!

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