Saturday, February 03, 2007


Well the news this week is that Joss Whedon has announced he is off the Wonder Woman project. Apparently he had a different, contemporary vision for the movie, while the folks in charge over there were looking to a World War II-type theme.

What does this mean for this whole project? Heck I dunno. This screed at Cinematical suggests this project should hit the garbage can. But I happen to be a believer in this project--- heck, I'm following these casting rumors! If they could make a movie with Batman or Spider-Man in it they could make one with Wonder Woman, darnet!

I mean, go with World War II already. Make it a good-looking period piece like King Kong was. Let's see Wonder Woman fighting Nazis and thugs like that. It's always fun to see the Nazis lose.

When it comes to casting they're back to the drawing board. Maybe this means they'll drop the stupid idea to go with a complete no-name as Wonder Woman--- that's what I heard was supposed to be happening with Whedon in charge of the project. Good. It's better to have a movie featuring someone who actually appeared in a movie or on TV before.

You know, they might as well go after hottie Charisma Carpenter, she appeared in all those WB shows so all the old WB fans will pay to see it! This ought to be a movie made for those Smallville and Supernatural fans. Though I guess the Buffy fans might be feeling a bit let down today.

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Anonymous said...

IT'S ABOUT F*CKING TIME!!!! Wonder Woman has been around at least as long as Superman. She is a legend. A role model for women young and old, and the first female superhero. All the world is waiting for her...