Wednesday, February 21, 2007


THE CAIRNS BLOG continues its live continuing coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith probate case in Florida. What a kangaroo court that was today.

We had Howard K. Stern on the stand again, and we had Anna Nicole's mother Virgie Arthur on the stand today, and Larry Birkhead was on the stand today. Interestingly I think it's clear that Anna Nicole is going to be buried in the Bahamas, Birkhead went on the stand and said that he wouldn't be unhappy if that happened. But these lawyers are going hog wild. I saw Debra Opri go after Howard K. Stern on the stand today, and she was a pit bull terrier, asking him whether or not he was the natural father of Dannielynn!!! And of course that was a big "you are out of order" moment, as everyone in the courtroom was groaning and booing. Shades of the WWE in there today. What a farce.

I'll tell you, I've been in quite a few courtrooms over the years and I've never seen a courtroom operate like this one here. This was nonsense, ladies and gentlemen. These lawyers down there are totally out of control.

Also, we know now that Ms. Smith went under several aliases in order to get access to these drugs she got. She went under names such as "Norma Jean" and get this, "Mrs. Flintstone." I wish I were kidding about this, folks.

They are asking about financial records and going on and on about all this irrelevant nonsense. Nancy Grace is going hog wild tonight on her show, ranting about " what has all this stuff in court got to do with burying a body"? Apparently it goes to motive and money, say these well-informed people who know more about this than I do. And apparently people are accusing Howard K. Stern of wanting the body for his own financial gain. Anyway, Nancy is going ballistic about what she sees as hearsay and speculation going on in court, all of which should be thrown out. Also, these lawyers are trying to sandbag these witnesses and trying to get them to say things in court that can be used against them later in paternity proceedings.

The judge is having a hard time keeping these animals in the courtroom under control. And of course Judge Larry Seidlin is playing for the cameras and rattling off these one-liners. In fact, this is his dream come true, this case! TMZ is reporting that this guy's dream is to be the next Judge Judy and even has a demo reel of himself!!! This case is the best thing ever to happen to his career--- his TV career that is.

Seems he's not the only one with a reel. Debra Opri has a reel of herself, too, and she's making the most of her 15 minutes of fame in the Florida courtroom. She's going on every TV show imaginable and I am sure her agent is taping her every move (yes, she has an agent.) I'm sure she'd be a big hit, too, if she ever got a show; she has a big mouth.

(I have a reel of myself, too, if anyone cares. Everyone wants to be on TV these days.)

The case continues tomorrow, and may have to compete with Britney Spears for attention-- apparently Kevin Federline might step in and try and get custody of her kid. The nonsense continues.

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