Friday, February 16, 2007


I tuned in to the usual entertainment shows on TV today and once again the top story is--- why, what else? Live continuing coverage of the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

How long has she been dead? Over a week? And this is STILL the top story. They ought to call it quits. By the way, whatever happened to the Natalee Holloway story? That's another story that all these vultures in the media were all hog wild about. I guess nobody found her. So they are swirling around Anna Nicole and her story instead.

ET is claiming this is the top story over at ETOnline, that everyone's been downloading it. Well, no wonder. Face it, folks, ET isn't an entertainment news show, it's a tabloid show. And they also had some story about some 1000-lb man trying to get rescued from his obesity by Dr. Phil. Yecch! Man, I wish that show was what it used to be years ago. But it isn't. They might as well hire Geraldo, those guys. Wait a minute-- Geraldo used to work for them. Never mind.

Anyway, all the lawyers have converged on Florida for their piece of the action. Apparently the will has named Howard K. Stern the executor of the estate, so everyone's mad about that. Anyway here are the latest Anna Nicole case stories from the tabloid artists over at

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