Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, Bill Brioux is at it again ranting and raving about the CBC and all its "American" programming.

He was going on and on with his screed about how Hustle is going to take over the former Intelligence time slot beginning tonight on CBC, and he was going on and on about how this is a big CBC trend, going south of the border for programming. He was comparing this to when they put on the air The One which was a total flop last year. And he was ranting about how the CBC picked up Arrested Development and are showing those reruns every day, and on and on.

Now they're showing Hustle, and plopping it up against House tonight where it is sure to get creamed.

First of all, Bill Brioux, get it right. Hustle is not an American show. It is a British show that first aired on the BBC that just so happened to get picked up by the American network AMC (which usually only shows movies). Just because a series has Robert Vaughn in it doesn't mean it's American.

There's nothing new about the CBC showing imports from the UK. What do you think Doctor Who is? And they show Coronation Street all the time. And isn't Antiques Roadshow a British show, too? Now there are all these American and Canadian copycat versions of that very show. Just as there are American and Canadian copycat versions for Pop Idol, and Deal or No Deal, and all these other foreign shows that were hits around the world.

Second, about The One: enough already about that show. I think it's unfair to compare every imported show on the CBC to The One. But Hustle happens to be half decent. And quite frankly most of these imported shows are pretty good anyway. If they weren't, CTV and Global and these other channels wouldn't be wall-to-wall with them all the time! Does Global even air any Canadian shows in prime time? If they do, nobody watches them, that's for sure. (Oh yeah, I forgot about Deal or No Deal Canada.) So enough already about how controversial it is to put imported shows on the CBC. Besides, it's not as if the CBC is the only channel that does this kind of thing. Heck, look at these American networks! They keep on turning to the British and the Dutch for their programming ideas! I think this is just a fact of life for the TV business, and people in Canada ought to get over it.

Besides, the only reason they are putting this show on tonight is clearly to fill time in the schedule. Everyone knows House is going to kill the CBC tonight anyway, so why bother making an effort or rolling the dice with Canadian programming. Might as well throw in some import that might be good. Heck, the CBC could have thrown on some import like I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here or some other piece of junk like that, but they didn't. So quit complaining.

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