Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, it was yet another big day in the Anna Nicole Smith case as Howard K. Stern testified in court today. Probate court. This whole fight is over who gets control of Anna Nicole's dead body.

What a mess. And here's the best part- we now have learned that Anna Nicole's body is rotting away faster than expected, so they need to make a decision on the body by Saturday. And this is just the start of the fun, folks. Still to come is the main event of the evening, this whole issue of paternity. That Howard K. Stern character continues to be uncooperative on that front, too.

What a circus this has become--- and I don't blame the media for this, I blame Stern and all these lawyers. They won't simply sort through this mess and be reasonable; instead they all want to duke it out in court. Debra Opri and Kristi Barth and everyone else are all having a field day over this. In fact I saw Opri on TV, on Larry King again, calling Stern's performance on the stand "pathetic". I also saw Bradford Cohen of Apprentice fame on Court TV commenting about this case to Jami Floyd-- he's actually a lawyer in Florida. This is great for the lawyers and legal analysts, because they all get to spout off on TV. But don't blame the media for this fiasco; they're only stuck covering this story because crazy stuff keeps on happening. If this case was settled, the media would definitely all go home and stop reporting about Anna Nicole Smith, because they are sick of this story.

In fact I read over on TVNewser that Brian Williams said on his Daily Nightly blog that the nightly news tonight would have no coverage of Anna Nicole Smith and no coverage of Britney Spears. He's not the only one doing this either. Way to go.

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