Sunday, February 11, 2007


Honestly, I don't really care about the Grammy Awards but I tune in to these Red Carpet shows, just to see what these entertainment reporters are doing. Hopefully they've all left South Florida by now to cover some real entertainment news, for a change. Though there are still plenty of bizarre Anna Nicole stories running around. Apparently her place has been robbed now. Who knows. Anyway, she has nothing to do with music.

You can find a live Grammy red carpet stream from the CBS folks here. CBS is also showing this show on TV.

Also Access Hollywood will follow up their so-so performances at the Golden Globe with a red carpet stream over at

I don't think they have a stream going but E! does have coverage.

If you are wondering I did actually go to one of these music awards shows once, the MuchMusic Video Awards last year. I saw that one for myself, so I got to see Paris Hilton. And Nelly Furtado. Live.

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