Thursday, February 22, 2007


Judge Larry finally made his decision today (thank God) and he tearfully awarded the body of Anna Nicole Smith to the custodian of Dannielynn. The decision effectively punted the burial decision to these lawyers, and the lawyers say the body will be buried in the Bahamas. Meanwhile, the decision is likely to be appealed by Anna Nicole's mother, who still wants the body buried in Texas. But that appeal isn't likely to get very far.

Interesting media event outside the courtroom as Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur, came out arm in arm to meet the press. And the lawyers told the press to go home. But don't worry, they won't be going home anytime soon.

Why? Because a Florida court will get involved in the paternity case tomorrow and probably make a ruling. Big issue is likely to be jurisdiction tomorrow. California is involved in all this and so is the Bahamas.

Also, if jurisdiction is awarded to the Bahamas, you can expect less of this nonstop trial television coverage, because I don't think they have cameras in the court down there. Anyway, this was all over TV. I finally figured out the purpose of CNN Headline News: to be CNN's tabloid operation! Headline runs all these sensational trials and tabloid trash like Nancy Grace and Showbiz Tonight; meanwhile the main CNN is free to cover Scooter Libby, Iraq, and all the misery in the world--- at least until Larry King comes on. Then it's back to this junk.

Also I notice Mika Brzezinski has a job now at MSNBC and I'm surprised because I thought NBC was laying everyone off!? Big question of the day-- who is being paid more? Serious newswoman Mika Brzezinski, or Courtney Friel ?! I'm sure Jean Casarez (Court TV) is asking the same question--- and she has a law degree. Hope she's well paid for covering this complete nonsense in Florida.

Anyway there will be more nonsense tomorrow and I imagine this paternity business is going to be a big circus. And I assume there will be saturation coverage of the big Anna Nicole funeral. On TV.

We'll see Judge Larry again on TV, you can bet on that.

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