Monday, February 26, 2007


Well, here is a blurb about Judge Larry Seidlin of Florida. His wildest dream to be on TV is coming true, folks.

His Anna Nicole Smith trial may be getting reviewed and possibly overturned by a higher court, but he was a big hit on TV. And that is all that counts, eh? The CBS Saturday Early Show has made an offer to Judge Larry, offering him a segment answering viewers' questions about the law on national TV.

Not a bad offer, but why stop there? Judge Larry should go into syndication! That's what all the rest of these judges do, and that's where all the money is. Think about it: he can do the Saturday Early Show, and then do the TV-court thing the rest of the week in syndication for big money. Just like Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Maria Lopez, Judge Hatchett, and all these other TV judges. Believe you me: Judge Larry is coming soon, too.

I don't blame the Judge for wanting to be on TV, but I do have an honest question: why do people watch these shows?! Watching Maury do paternity tests on TV is better than this! You know, people might as well just go down to the local courthouse and sit in on a few small claims trials, because that's what these are!! Except those judges are a lot more boring. Small claims court is a waste of time to watch. If you really need your courtroom fix, tune in a real trial on Court TV where someone is on the verge of being thrown in jail. Something good, at least!

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