Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Just want to remind you TV news fans to switch away from all the Anna Nicole Smith coverage on the other channels, and tune in to ABC News at 10EST/9 Central.

That's when they'll run Bob Woodruff's documentary To Iraq and Back- basically the story of how he cheated death over there. The story he lived to tell. This special should have CBS News and NBC News all beat.

Come to think of it, here's an idea for CBS News: Kimberly Dozier: The Story She Lived to Tell! As for NBC News, they can't do a documentary about David Bloom, because he's dead. Besides, it's too depressing. Anyway ABC should clean up tonight.

Noticed Charlie Gibson interviewed Bob tonight on World News. I guess they thought this was better than covering Anna Nicole Smith--- though they did lead with that big 400-point market selloff that CNBC was going hog wild over. Anyway Bob looked good and could talk, but you could tell he'd been through a lot.

Speaking of Anna Nicole, rumor is she might actually have a funeral in the Bahamas on Thursday, and also sources are saying that Anna Nicole may have secretly suffered from lupus. Anyway, the Court of Appeal will hear the case tomorrow on what to do about the body, so presumably something will be decided tomorrow.

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