Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Well here's a blurb in the Hollywood Reporter telling everyone in the world that the ACTRA strike is still on, and talks are to resume Wednesday and Thursday with a federal mediator present.

All I gotta say is get this strike over with, already, we don't need any more losses of Canadian jobs. Production is going to grind to a halt if this is allowed to keeping going much longer. Also, I keep reading these boo-hoo stories in the press about "the decline of Hollywood North", and then they interview all these folks in Toronto who've been knocked out of work for a variety of reasons. Well, all I will say about that is these folks ought to move to Vancouver and try their luck there, because there's work there from what I hear.

But Toronto has gotten hit hard. Partly it's the industry's fault for fleeing the city, partly it's the exchange rate, but mostly it's the city's fault for closing down soundstages and dragging their heels on basic things relating to getting productions going in Toronto. Actually, if you want to blame anyone, point the finger at Louisiana. That state's tax credits are stealing productions away from everywhere. It's basically turned into Hollywood South. I think I read somewhere that Brad and Angelina bought a house in New Orleans.

Another big problem is, surprise surprise, reality TV. Every reality show that hits the air knocks some established drama or comedy show off the air, so that''s bound to hurt Canada because that's what they do up here. In fact I read that the LA area is a hotbed for reality show production - so much of it that it is a joke. Of course, so much programming on TV is reality-based that it is a joke, too--- though it is no joke to the people losing their jobs in Canada to these amateurs and wannabe-actors like Rob and Amber. Those two fools are coming back on Amazing Race All-Star Edition, by the way, but who cares about them.

They have got to get more Canadian productions going and get an ACTRA settlement, fast.

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