Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well, the big buzz out there on the movie sites is all about who is gonna win the coveted role of Wonder Woman for that Joss Whedon flick that is supposed to come out. This reminds me of that whole James Bond casting thing where a lot of people were being floated for the role. Also reminds me of those Entourage episodes where Vincent Chase was wondering whether he was gonna be Aquaman. Same thing here-- except this is for real.

I was reading Ain't It Cool News and there was a whole thread on this topic and it sure seemed like the big push was on there for Monica Bellucci. Now, she would definitely be a great Wonder Woman. There was also a lot of support for Charisma Carpenter who I think would also be excellent. Charisma certainly looks like a Wonder Woman, she could channel Lynda Carter bigtime. But who knows. For some reason there were a bunch of no-names and B-listers being floated around for the role, including a lot of people I've never heard of. Though lately, a few of the names seem to be people that fans actually have heard of, or seen on TV.

A few weeks ago the name Sophia Bush came up as the person who was going to play Wonder Woman, but this blog site speculated that this was just the "newest in a long line of completely fabricated Wonder Woman casting rumors". I'm sure a lot of these actresses are just trying to drum up free publicity for themselves.

There was another rumor floating around somewhere that Rachel Bilson of the O.C. was being considered. But that rumor is probably rubbish, too.


Another name has popped up just in the last 24 hours, hottie Jill Wagner (pictured). And apparently the rumors with her have some credibility to them. Word is that she has actually met Joel Silver about the role. Check out the article about it, one of the many. Check out also an interview she did with FlickDirect.

Jill would be good because she is very popular with guys and appeared on the series Blade. But more importantly, she's been outed as that mysterious "Mercury" girl in the TV ads for Mercury automobiles! Check out this press release from the Ford Motor Company about her. Being a spokesmodel selling automobiles for Mercury seems a good fit for Jill because she was a business major in college and has her degree in it.

Anyway all I will say is that these ads are wildly popular among guys. All the guys I know love "that girl in the Mercury ads".

As I say, the woman who needs to be cast as Wonder Woman needs to be popular and hot, and loved by guys! Otherwise no one will pay to see the movie! Jill fits that description perfectly. Also, the name "Jill Wagner" reminds people of Lindsay Wagner ("The Bionic Woman") so it just screams "70s TV" and "retro" and so on, and channels that whole TV superhero era. And so everyone will remember the TV show and be excited to see the movie Wonder Woman.

Anyway, we'll see what happens. I always wanted to find some excuse to post about Jill Wagner and put up a picture of her next to a Mercury. Glad I found something.

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_Perhaps Rosie O'Donnell -lol? Hey, her picture leads the previous blog entry I commented on, re: Jan 19 - worst TV Show List.
_Rosie, I could believe actually beating up on villians.