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Well last week's big "bombshell" on the once-good Apprentice show in L.A. was that Michelle resigned on the spot shortly after leading her team to another humiliating, total defeat. It was a Hollywood tour bus task and Michelle was a total flop running a tour bus. As soon as her team's utter defeat was announced, she resigned. Trump of course laid into her. "Doesn't that make you a quitter? Doesn't that make you a loser?" He went on and on, belllowing about how he has more respect for the boxer who goes down fighting than someone who just gives up, and how she'd regret this decision, and on and on.

Well, I have more respect for the boxer who has the sense to throw in the towel before he gets so badly beaten up in the ring that he ends up with brain damage or even killed! Michelle was getting killed. Trump was saying how Michelle was giving up this great opportunity and how she'd regret it later in life and so on, but that was all a load of BS. The fact was Michelle was going to be fired. At the very least, she was still going to keep on living outside in a stupid tent. She wasn't going to get humiliated any more by this process! Might as well go home (or at least, go to a movie or something) and not bother hanging around these jerks at
"Tent City" any longer.

Really, this whole "Tent City" idea has been a disaster. This is the downfall of the show! It's bad enough to lose, but this is really rubbing it in. It's really easy to quit and go home to your apartment when this is what you have to put up with--- especially if you know your situation is hopeless. This is a farce, ladies and gentlemen.

Honestly, I don't care about Trump's views about employees quitting or any of that, because frankly, he's not in their situation. If a person works hard at a job and gets completely nowhere, or finds out the hard way that he or she is a flop at the job or even hates it, then it makes total sense for them to cut their losses and go home! I see nothing good coming of wasting your time in a company that disrespects you and where you aren't doing well, especially if it's not the type of rewarding experience that you expected it to be. At least by quitting, Michelle was able to register her disgust with the entire situation and give the Trump organization the collective finger. Way to go.

Michelle gave an interview to TVGuide where she elaborated on the reasons why she quit. She told TV Guide that she was thinking of quitting at "pretty much the moment [during the season premiere] we were building the stupid tent. I was like, 'Hmm, this is insane.' When it really hit home was when I was on the top of the double-decker tour bus failing miserably. It dawned on me, 'I don't have to do this. It's just too much, and it's not worth it.' " She called herself "horrific and dismal as a tour-bus project manager."

She said she feels she is a gifted orator and would like to be a full-time television correspondent. She also has acting credits just like other people who have appeared on this contrived Apprentice show.

Anyway, I think this show demonstrated there is such a thing in the business world as "cutting your losses". Michelle did the sensible thing in resigning. Though it could well have been a big act to get herself noticed in Hollywood. Either way, it worked. That episode also demonstrated what a completely stupid season it has been at the Apprentice show. When even the contestants are fed up with the gimmicks and the tents, and the nonsensical tasks they have to put up with, well, that says it all.

To be honest, though, last week's show was the best one in a long, long time--- certainly the best ending, although I heard something like this was going to happen so I wasn't terribly surprised. Maybe I'm just jaded with this series; we really have seen it all. Apparently the Apprentice show goes back to being a worthless piece of junk again tomorrow, as Trump blows his top in Rosie O'Donnell-type fashion at one of these pathetic candidates in the boardroom. Maybe someone cooked the books or did something unethical or something like that, who knows. Also, there's going to be a big contrived romance on the show, to which I say "who cares". I am done with this show and its stupid gimmicks.

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