Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well as someone interested in movies and in film festivals and all that, I thought I'd say the Sundance Film Festival is on and here are some links for coverage of it.

I am sure there are plenty of others, though I notice Nikki Finke has been busy ranting about CAA moving into new office space and having to give up a 310 area code for a 424 number. Who cares about that.

I dunno why I am even putting up a post about Sundance. Everyone says this is a vastly overrated festival, and everyone says they hate Park City and that it's too cold and crowded, and it's too difficult to get to, and that it's just a big sales event once you get there, and so on and so forth. All this whining. I guess I heard all these putdowns when I was in Toronto. But honestly I don't see how this Sundance event could be any worse than than any of these other film festivals going on. A lot of people say that all these other film events going on around Park City during Sundance are a lot better.

Anyway check out those links for all the news about those deals going . Fat chance you will see any coverage from Entertainment Tonight. Here's what passes for news at ET: Paula Abdul's strange behavior, Oprah reveals a big secret (that she was pregnant at 14!), and Lindsay Lohan enters rehab. And they're still going on about the Golden Globes and about the silly fashions all the stars were wearing. Who the heck cares about any of that. What happened to the old days when you had Leonard Maltin on there, giving you some serious coverage of these films!? I guess he's still there, but he's hardly ever on these days. Access Hollywood is just as bad--- they had a Lindsay Lohan rehab story and a Victoria Beckham comes-to-America story, and there's some small blurb about that guy who uttered some anti-gay slur on Grey's Anatomy.

I guess the big excuse from these TV shows is that Park City isn't, well, Hollywood. Of course it isn't, it's in Utah, but why the heck don't they give this some serious coverage-- just like all these blogs?! It's SAD that you are getting more coverage of the Sundance Film Festival from THE CAIRNS BLOG than from ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT!!! I hope it's just a case of this being early, yet, this festival has barely started. Still, this is why TV is getting beat by the Internet, folks; it's allowing the Web to take the lead and kill everyone in its coverage of news! If you want real news go to the Internet, because you're getting NOTHING from TV!

UPDATE (technically Saturday) : Noticed they aired the Sundance episode of Entourage on Bravo Canada this weekend. What timing, eh?!

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