Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Did you hear about this? A station in Sacramento fired its morning team because of an outrageous, awful stunt. They had a woman on the radio taking part in some contest, trying to drink the most water without going to the bathroom, and of course doing that can make you so sick you could die.

Well, she died.

Water intoxication, cause. That's everyone involved in that stunt fired, something like ten people.

I've been listening to Jim Richards' CFRB show on my computer and he has been playing these DJs with their ghastly show and their fatal stunt, and he's wondering whether people should go to jail for manslaughter for this. Certainly there is a big negligence claim here. Wasnn't there anyone there who thought this might be dangerous?! This station and these DJs are most definitely going to be hauled into court. And this is California, so you can bet these people will lose their shirts, too, facing these bloodthirsty juries. Well, that's their careers down the drain, these DJs, and probably that's the end of the station.

I've heard of awful radio stunts where people did disgusting things in cathedrals and stuff like that. Opie and Anthony and Howard Stern all did wild stuff. But this is over the score.

The station itself is KDND, Sacramento, otherwise known as 107.9 "The End". Well, this was the end, my only friend the end, with this stunt. Check out their apologetic web page. This station is RUINED.


Incidentally I added a few more radio links to people who have way more sense than these fools in Sacramento. I added some radio boards like the WNY-S. Ontario radio forum, where people get to rant and rave about what's going on in southern Ont radio at places like CFRB. Seems Ted Woloshyn stepped down not too long ago, to be replaced by Bill Carroll.

So enjoy the links, radio fans.

UPDATE: This is the top story on Larry King tonight and they played clips from the show where that person died. Good grief, talk about ghoulish- it made my own stomach turn just listening to the clips from that show. Larry had on the winner of the contest, the woman that lived, and it sounded like these two had it pretty bad. Yikes.

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