Thursday, January 11, 2007


Okay. Tonight I am going to unload on reality TV. Again.
I gotta say, I am sick and tired of seeing all of these reality TV shows littering the screen. I really am! I know that everyone out there in TV land is sick of it, too. I just cannot believe these executives are keeping this genre going. Think of all the genres out there that could be shown on TV these days, which aren't. There could be more situation comedies, for example. They could bring back the panel shows like What's My Line! Or the variety show! I've been reading this book about TV's classic variety shows from the 1960s and 1970s, like Ed Sullivan and the Smothers Brothers, and Carol Burnett, and Laugh-In. That was a classy genre that basically totally died out, and it deserves to come back.

Instead, we get this. Reality shows and talent junk. It boggles my mind that variety shows are no longer on the air and sitcoms have been getting the boot, but amateurish talent shows are all over the place. And these reality shows are something else.

The latest fraud foisted upon the viewing public is a CBS piece of junk called Armed and Famous, starring Erik Estrada. Of course Estrada starred in the "real" TV series CHiPs years ago, as a cop. Now, he's playing a cop again, starring in a show with all of these grade-B celebs who are trying to be real cops.

It's set in Muncie, Indiana. Already the press has unloaded on this show and you can read about it here.

One pan, from the Charlotte Observer: "Armed & Famous is completely, joyously, riotously abominable. This is the perfect score: a show so bad even Fox wouldn't touch it."

Another from Reuters: "CBS's Keystone Cop-Out." And so on. Give up already, CBS. This network is far better off putting on yet another crummy procedural show, because even at its worst these procedural shows are better than any reality show ever attempted.

Also premiering this week is yet another lame effort by those two fools Rob and Amber. Yes, these two who have made their entire careers as reality TV "stars" are back with their own show. Rob & Amber: Against the Odds is the name of this piece of junk and it's airing on the Fox Reality Channel. In this show, these two losers move to Vegas and presumably play a lot of poker. It figures.

What's next, a show featuring Victoria and Jonathan? I wouldn't be surprised.

I hear the next Amazing Race is going to be an all-star edition, too, so all these idiots who've loitered around this show are all going to be back for more fun--- while we at home are in for more punishment. The cast is due to be announced tomorrow. Don't tell me Rob and Amber are going to be part of this dreck, too! I'm already sick of these all-star editions.

Another show on the air these days is the return of Beauty and the Geek, Wednesday nights on the CW. You know, I watched this during its first season over on the WB and I actually liked it--- maybe because I was a geek in high school, too. But you see it once, you've seen it all. These geeks, with their obsession with Star Trek and all that, are kind of lame. There was one guy who said that if he had to choose between Star Trek and girls, he would definitely choose Star Trek. I am sorry, but that poor guy is in dire need of a life.

Of course I already unloaded on Grease: You're the One That I Want, on NBC, where they are trying to cast leads for this Broadway show. And I already trashed this year's latest lame Apprentice show. I sure hope this is the last season for that piece of junk. I just can't take that show seriously anymore and I am sick of Donald Trump and his constant feuding with people. It is doing nothing for his show.

Here's what I know about what's coming up on The Apprentice. Apparently they have brought in some twist where an entire team gets an exemption for the following week after winning a task. And the losing team gets split in half and has to compete against itself. Interesting gimmick, but I hate all these stunts. It seems to me this show is no longer about finding the best in business; instead, it's just a circus. And Trump is the ringmaster. They might as well put Jerry Springer in there as the host, then, and have him fire people.

You get the impression that none of these reality shows are likely to win Emmy awards or be considered classics? It just seems to me like every reality show on the air is dragging the whole TV medium down. It just contributes to the "vast wasteland", as Newton Minow once referred to it. Every time I see some new promo for some new reality show, my instant reaction is of the "oh my God, not again" variety. It's getting to be that way with the game shows, too. I'm just fed up with this rubbish.

Incidentally, next week on January 16th and 17th, American Idol comes back on FOX. It is THIS show, more than any other, that is responsible for these lame ripoffs and gimmick-laden reality junk shows that are cluttering up the television dial on every channel.

And you can bet the ratings will go through the roof, and that will encourage even more of these executives to schedule more cheap reality shows and cheap talent shows, and that will drive even more people to change the channel to AMC or Turner Classic Movies or to some channel that shows something other than these garbage shows. Aaaargh!

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