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You know, I've ranted and raved about the BCS and the bowl games for a long time, and you know what I think about them and what a joke it's been, and on and on. And everyone who follows college football rants about it. Well, forget that for now, anyway, I want to talk about the games.

I have to say this year's BCS matchups have been terrific. These games have been dynamite, and after the Ohio State-Florida matchup is over we will have a true champion. This is exactly what this system is supposed to do, produce the best team and reward excellence, and for once this system worked.

Now I know a lot of people have been yelling and complaining about the matchups and the teams involved. Boise State?! Louisville?! Wake Forest?! The sportswriters' ideas of teams that ought to be in the BCS include Nebraska and Miami, Penn State, Michigan, and Notre Dame. Especially Notre Dame. But I think the whole point of a BCS ought to be to reward the teams that win their conferences. These teams got there because they were the champions of their conferences. I know this BCS looks way too much like the NCAA tournament, with these no-name schools in there, but these programs had great seasons! Louisville has a great season, they shouldn't be punished for that! So they deserved to be in the Orange Bowl and deserve to be its champions this year.

And Boise State Broncos got there on pure merit: they were the Western Athletic Conference champions, and they were 12-0! Granted, they didn't have a good program there for a long time, but they shouldn't have that held against them. The fact is they have a good program now, and they got rewarded for it by playing in the Fiesta Bowl.

By the way, the Fiesta Bowl was the most amazing college football game I'd seen for an awful long time. Basically what happened was that Oklahoma came back to tie the game with a two-point conversion, and then they picked off Boise State and ran it in for a touchdown, and that should have been the end of the game. But on their very last play Boise State dipped into its bag of tricks and ran a hook-and-lateral and scored a touchdown with seven seconds left to force overtime. In OT Oklahoma quickly scored a TD on their first play, while Boise State managed to respond with their own touchdown. Then they made a fateful decision to try and win the game on a two-point conversion. You know, this never happens--- coaches never make a decision like this. Nebraska made a decision like this that blew up in their faces in the Orange Bowl against Miami years ago. From what I understand, Boise State felt they were out of tricks, that this was the very last big play they had left, the last trick play left.

Anyway, what happens is they run the Statue of Liberty play, and Ian Johnson runs it in to the end zone to get the two-point conversion and the victory for Boise State---- and then he runs over to his cheerleader girlfriend after the touchdown and proposes to her on national television! And she said yes! Now, that is too good. I gotta say, that was a great game.

And the best thing about that game was that it did mean something. Boise State had a lot on the line--- a perfect season was at stake, and most importantly, so was something else: respect. It's a great Cinderella story and you can bet the folks in Hollywood were watching the game and taking notes. This is yet another football movie waiting to happen, folks--- just like Friday Night Lights, or Remember the Titans. Or We Are Marshall. Anyway, credit goes to the BCS people for tweaking the system to give Boise State a shot at a BCS game; clearly, they deserved to be there and the fans watching ended up big winners as a result.

You know, the BCS isn't perfect, but it is the best that they've got right now, and it's better than what went on before when you always got nothing but controversy all the time. Some day they'll get the courage up to get rid of this system and hold real playoffs for a change ( LIKE THEY DO IN CANADA, you foolish Americans!), and then maybe the Boise States of the world will get a shot at a real National Title, just as the NCAA teams competing in all these other sports do. It truly is time to get rid of elected national champions, because it's obvious none of these sportswriter voters have ever been to Idaho.

And I had promised not to rant again. I can't help it.

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