Thursday, January 04, 2007


You few people in Hollywood wasting your time penning spec scripts of The O.C. can give up already, that show has been CANCELLED. The finale will air Fed 22, on FOX.

Talk about a show that was a huge hit but which faded quickly, eh? This show only premiered in 2003 and was the hottest show on television. But this show was on its last legs for a long time, so it really is no surprise.

Sort of reminds me what happened to shows like Batman and Peyton Place in the 1960s--- those shows were huge hits that defined their era, and then they faded fast. They didn't last more than two or three years on TV. Ally McBeal was another huge hit that faded fast, but that show lasted a lot longer than this one.

In other TV news The Megan Mullally Show has been pulled as well, from daytime, but nobody cares about that show.

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