Sunday, January 21, 2007


I'm looking at the TV schedule and Donald Trump cannot be happy about this. His sinking NBC Apprentice show runs right up against the heavily over-hyped Indianapolis-New England AFC title game on CBS!

I guess this must be the NFL's revenge for the Donald's involvement in the rival USFL years ago, as owner of the New Jersey Generals.

And oh yeah, the same slaughter is in store on Super Bowl night. It'll be the Donald versus Vince Lombardi. Vince is gonna clean Trump's clock.

Hope that the Donald can handle some ridiculously low ratings as his fans--- the few remaining--- flee this show in favor of what's really important in life. Football! NBC needs to move this show off of Sunday night, folks. Fast.

On tonight's Apprentice show, by the way, there's supposed to be some sort of big bombshell in the boardroom. I wonder what this latest gimmick/cheap stunt is. Is it the Donald announcing that he's finally done with the show?! I sure hope so. Give up already.

UPDATE: Ahem. The NE-Indy game is tied at 28-28 as we speak and the Apprentice show has been on for 25 minutes.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Another ahem. NBC is giving the Donald the week off during the Super Bowl. Well, no wonder.

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