Sunday, January 07, 2007


I'd like to tell you who got the boot on tonight's lousy LA "Apprentice" show. I'd like to, but I missed it. I had to go to the bathroom.

Ha ha ha. Big joke from me.

Who cares anymore. All I will say is that my worst fears about this show were confirmed. There were a lot of changes all right, such as (1) forcing the losers to sleep in tents, (2) having the winning project manager not only stay on as PM but join the Board in the Boardroom, too, to pass judgement on the losing team, and (3) no George or Carolyn in the boardroom. Not to mention the move to LA.

Lots of changes, all right, but there's a big difference between "changes" and "improvements...." and there was none of the latter on tonight's gimmick-ridden, dullsville effort.

The best part of the show was the final boardroom firing session, but even that was missing something tonight. I think it's obvious that the boardroom lost a lot with the departure of George and Carolyn. George was really ornery in the boardroom, and Carolyn was a ferocious pit bull. And with Donald in there, well, all I will say is it was EXCITING. You really needed to be on the ball in there. But with just Donald in there now with boring Ivanka, what's the point?

The boardroom before was a boardroom to be feared, a place to be put down and humiliated. Now, though, the humiliation comes from being associated with this entire lousy show.

Running a car wash? Sleeping in tents? And a contestant asks Trump to go to the bathroom?! This was an embarrassing show, ladies and germs. Having the winning project manager pass judgement on you in the boardroom is not only beyond humiliating, but a bad stunt. Really, what do they know?! Everyone unfortunate enough to be a contestant on this show is going to end up looking like a big loser by the time this is over.

Topping it all off, tonight's show was dull. You could see this firing coming--- or at least the two people who were the main contenders for the chop--- all the way. There was no suspense at all tonight. And to top of a night of incompetence, they even forgot to give each team a name to call itself.

I checked out the Television Without Pity boards and people there just crucified this show. Just killed it. They were saying this show jumped the shark. Actually, this show did the shark thing ages ago, and I was hoping this show would at least show some signs of jumping back. Instead, this show looks worse than ever. There are the same chimp tasks but with even more obnoxious Type-As than before, and the gimmicks are too obvious. This show was junk before, and it is still JUNK now. Mark Burnett has truly run out of ideas.


If I were the Donald, though, the person I would fire is the programmer at NBC who scheduled the lamest lead-in ever, You're the One That I Want, where they cast the leads for the Broadway production of Grease. That show was the biggest ripoff of American Idol that I have ever seen. Nothing special at all about that show; it's a boring piece of junk. These lame producers used the catch-phrases tonight, and would tell these contestants "you're the one that I want to go to Grease Academy"; so these folks are going to live together under the same roof! And you can bet there will be romance, kissing and all that nonsense going on, too.

What garbage. The ratings for Apprentice LA are going to go in the tank, all because the lead-in is such rubbish. It's enough to make anyone want to tune in to cartoons over on FOX.

They even had Billy Bush host it. Yeah, this one has "hit" written all over it. This reminds me of The One and every other ripoff show that has ever ripped off a Simon Cowell production.

I dunno why NBC thinks this Grease show has a chance. They even had the Deal or No Deal models dress up in fifties outfits, just to promote this show! I'm sorry, but the El Cheapo reality-show junk programming just doesn't cut it with discerning viewers anymore. This sort of stuff makes you want to pray for the return of Crossing Jordan episodes! They really need to start making an effort over there at NBC, because this is bad, folks.

What do you expect from the network that also regularly serves up cheap game shows and poker every night?! Based on tonight there is no question the letters NBC seem to stand for "nothing but crap." Because that's what we're getting from them.

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