Wednesday, January 31, 2007



Read this article on Marketwatch about Maria Bartiromo the Money Honey TM again, suggesting CNBC was now paying a hefty price for trying to make a celebrity out of Bartiromo. Flying on corporate jets, doing all these corporate appearances--- CNBC has created a monster.

Also, that article was talking about the deep bench there at CNBC. True. They were ranting about how Erin Burnett was poised to become a breakout star at the network.

Well, it is very true that Maria isn't the only female financial reporter out there, and it's also true that she hasn't exactly carried CNBC on her backs all by herself. Heck she anchored Business Center years ago at the height of her and her own network's popularity, and that didn't do that program any good--- the show got beat by Lou Dobbs and they had to replace her! Truth is that Maria's popularity is way overblown and people have finally clued in to that and are writing about it. She's a big name and probably a nice person from what I hear, but there was no reason for CNBC to make a big star out of her or make her the face of the network. Her fame was all due to the fact that she was on the floor of the Stock Exchange dodging all these wild-animal traders all the time! That was the Maria that the fans knew and loved.

But those days are long over. Now she's flying around in corporate jets and giving speeches for these bigshots. Not exactly a way to make yourself popular with the boring people in middle America who watch CNBC. Moreover, people are still mad at Maria for all those bull$#!t bullish reports she was fed by her hype-artist sources way back in the 1990s. They aren't so mad at Erin Burnett because, heck, she wasn't around for any of that! Same for Becky Quick, Melissa Francis, Rebecca Jarvis (!) and all these other CNBC financial news babes. They weren't on TV, or at least weren't famous back then, so they all get a free pass!

But Maria's been on TV too long and she's not the same Maria anymore to a lot of people. She's now a bigshot herself, just like these execs she is interviewing. So that's made her a prime target for stories like the ones flying around now.

Bottom line is Maria is definitely not the only biz TV reporter with fans on Wall Street. When FOX finally gets their financial news channel started Maria definitely has to look out for Alexis Glick and her big comeback--- Glick's fans on the Street are practically a cult. It would be no surprise if the Money HoneyTM feels insecure about all this. She isn't feeling the love from the fans that she used to, ladies and gentlemen. Besides, she really isn't the biggest bigshot star on CNBC when you think of it. The biggest star they have is that ugly-looking lunatic Jim Cramer, him and his balding head.

Maria really needs to put an end to all these bad news stories about her in the press. She really does need to make a statement or something, or at least get a good crisis-PR person.

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