Monday, January 22, 2007


You know, I keep watching TV and keep Googling around, looking for people I knew or met back when I was doing TV on a regular basis. A lot of wound up going on to interesting places, including the sports guys I worked with such as Dave Mendonca who went on to the Score, or Shadd Dales who did a lot of stuff with the Brampton Battalion and then went on to do radio stuff with the Windsor Spitfires. And on and on. Lots of people I knew from the time I was at Rogers TV went on to other things. A lot of people went to radio, or to the CBC or to Global, or Citytv, and to the Weather Network.

Recently I was watching the Weather Network and I noticed that Kelly Noseworthy was the bureau reporter. You can find her bio on this page. She was actually at Rogers Television in Peel Region for a time as a producer and I worked with her there very briefly. Actually, I took time off during her producing tenure to do stuff for a political campaign. Anyway, she was the producer when I came back and that's how I met her, and then all of a sudden one day she left!! So that was that. Anyway, she went on to do some reporting for CH in Hamilton. Now she's at the Weather Network, working with all the other Rogers TV refugees I know of there.

Also, here is the website for Aida Memisevic's production company that I happened to find one time on the Internet. She was at Rogers TV for a while as well, doing a lot of on-air stuff, and she also did some entertainment stuff over at CTV.

I noticed my former co-anchor Farah Nasser has a new gig with Citytv and you can read her bio here. You radio fans may have heard her on CFRB which is where she was for many years. I know that radio people Silvana Aceto and Daniela Bilotta were also at Rogers TV but I didn't really see them all that often. I noticed Jason White, who was seen as a real up-and-comer at our TV news operation, is doing radio for 680 News now and not getting too much sleep I imagine. He got in there as an intern and stayed on, and I think he's got a bright future in the business, he really has a nose for news. I don't know what happened to my former co-anchor Allison Annesley, who went on to host Daytime. I guess she left.

I could go on and mention these CHRW people I met, or the Western journalism people, but I don't feel like it tonight. Suffice it to say that a lot of the Western people I met went on to the CBC.

Anyway it's nice to catch up on what these people are doing. Why do I mention these people? Because I'm a good guy, and maybe by mentioning them they'll get some free publicity, and go on to bigger and better things at bigger radio and TV stations that will pay them more money. Or maybe they'll get to keep their good jobs thanks to the free publicity I'm giving them. Maybe more people will tune in their shows!

Me, I'm itching to get back on the air now that I've rid myself of Toronto (and for that matter out of politics, but that's another story). Let's face it, if you want to break into broadcasting Toronto is no place to be--- it's too competitive and difficult to advance or get on the air. You have to basically compete with everyone out of Ryerson University for jobs! It's a real meat market. And too many of these places want you to volunteer for free to get experience!

Actually, Toronto's a good place to get experience because there are a lot of internship opportunities there. You can intern at any of these TV stations or cable networks (ie. The Score), or work as an editorial assistant at TSN or somewhere like that. And people with a broadcast background/degree can volunteer at any number of Rogers Television operations throughout the GTA, whether in Mississauga, York Region, Durham or in Toronto. So the GTA is a comparatively better place to be than, say, London Ontario, because you can end up with a tape and good exposure to the business. But getting a living salary out of any of these folks is pretty much impossible! I know a number of radio stations were starting people off for free, too, or doing chimp production tasks part-time. It's too bad, because I think the radio stations there in TO are first-rate, and Toronto is a terrific place to be a broadcaster. I'd love to go back to Toronto again at a higher level one day.

Toronto was good for me for one thing: it got me a lot of experience with these TV networks. And I got great on-air experience at Rogers Television in Mississauga. But that's about all I'll say for it.

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