Friday, January 19, 2007


Well here we go with the worst TV show list for 2006 (three weeks late) and all I gotta say is that thanks to Rosie O'Donnell, The View is on the list.

What a no-brainer. Rosie has been taking on everyone and going hog wild. She's taken on Donald Trump, she's taken on Paula Abdul. She's even taken on Barbara Walters! No wonder Babs is embarrassed.

Now there's word that Rosie might get her own TV show. All I will say is God help all of us TV viewers; one more bad TV show starring Rosie. Anyway, this show jumped the shark when Meredith Vieira left.

In fact, daytime TV is absolutely littered with crud. Of course, you have The Jerry Springer Show with people still get into fights all the time, and the Maury Povich Show where people still take paternity tests all the time, and you've got two really bad shows right there.

Add to that the much maligned Megan Mullally boring me-me-me show (good riddance already) and Greg Behrendt's lousy effort. Greg, I'm just not that into your show.

Reality shows have to rank way up there. My nominees are the notoriously bad America's Got Talent, to which I go "oh really?" Not based on what I saw up there on that stage. It's due to come back, believe it or not.

Then you have two worthy nominees from cable: My Fair Brady, a piece of junk starring Chris Knight and Adrianne Curry, and from E! and the Playboy Mansion, The Girls Next Door. I gotta say about the latter that this show is literally junk food TV. These have got to be the two dumbest shows on television. The adorable cast members Holly, Bridget and Kendra engage in absolutely banal adventures (!) (?) but you're hooked anyway. Just like what happened on Fear Factor. Anyway, this show is completely stupid, dumb, but totally addictive.

From cable talk TV I have to sent a big dart the way of the awful Nancy Grace show on CNN Headline News. If there is a worse show on cable news TV, I gotta say, I don't know what it is. Maybe it's one of those shows CNBC runs that nobody watches. Who knows. All I know is that this Nancy Grace show is a disgrace. I'm sorry, but this woman is horrible. Just a horrible, horrible, bitter human being. She is mean and nasty, and mean-spirited, and she cuts people off and always has to get in her last word. Hello?! This show is duck soup for the late night comedians and other parodists, and the topics--- Britney's bad behavior, Anna Nicole Smith---- have hardly any connection to the legal world. But these losers get mentioned on the show and that gives Nancy her big opening to trash and skewer these people.

At least Greta on the other station tries to stick to law, or at least make an effort to be a nice person! At least she doesn't berate people on the air to the point where they commit suicide--- which is exactly what happened to one of Nancy's guests. Give up already, Nancy.

Finally I gotta stand and observe a moment of silence for the once-good Ebert and Roeper show, and all I will say about this is I sure hope Roger Ebert comes back, soon, to rescue this show from the abyss. This show sucks bigtime with him gone. The "guest critics" facing Richard Roeper have been more misses than hits, though I will say that A. O. Scott of the NY Times seems to hold his own up there better than the rest. He looks and acts like a guy who could appear as a TV critic. Some of them look like serious critics, but the rest...oh boy. They really aren't that great---- especially these comedians. What a joke.

Wow, I've made it to ten already. You know, I was thinking of adding the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric to the list of Worst of 2006, but then I remembered: Bob Schieffer anchored for most of the year and for much of that time the broadcast was really good. It's just that now that this new team has shown up, this show has gone in the tank. The wrecking crew is swinging over at CBS at the newscast, wrecking that show.

I guess there's a lot more shows I could mention--- like all the shows on MTV, a few of these other crappy reality shows, these idiotic game shows like Show Me the Money, and the other ripoffs that have basically copied the other hit shows on TV. I wish I could put American Idol on the worst list too, but all its imitator shows are even worse. So American Idol kind of stays off the list by default. And The Apprentice is a really bad show, but I can't put it on the worst-ten list either, because many other shows are way worse. Anyway I've leave this rant for next year.

Not on the list this year are the cancelled shows like Fear Factor. That other junk show Elimidate is gone, too, finally. May they rest in peace.


I was thinking of giving an award for the worst network, just based on what I've seen. I gotta say, I must hand it to the CW. They really did find a way to utterly stink up the joint, this year, eh, with their collection of lousy shows?! They took what remained of the WB and the UPN network and combined them both, but all that did was bring all the junk together under one roof. Who watches 7th Heaven anymore, and Beauty and the Geek has had it. And their big show now is that America's Next Top Model piece of junk with Tyra Banks.

I don't watch this network anymore now, and considering that I tuned in to the WB and UPN a lot in the old days, that really says it all.

I also have to give thumbs down to utterly useless channels like MTV Canada, which shows every crappy reality show you can think of, and a few other junk channels. I'm sorry, but most of these cable channels are junk. At least in Canada the stations like the Comedy Network and Showcase, and Bravo--- they at least make an effort. But Spike TV is junk, TLC is boring, too, and A&E has gone totally in the tank. If it wasn't for those Sopranos reruns there'd be no reason to tune in. It's not the station it used to be, folks.

Anyway, I have gotten this rant out of my system and now maybe I can go back to watching TV and seeking out stuff that's actually good. I've been watching a lot of movies late at night, and also have tuned in to AMC and Turner Classic Movies, both of which have just arrived in Canada. And I tune in to these other movie channels. Maybe all I need to do is watch more movies. That's it.

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Classic said...

_Special '06 props must go daytime's Guiding Light. Having surpassed 15,000 episodes, they then made a Marvel Comics tie-in on Nov 1st with a one-time superhero - named, of course, The Guiding Light.
_'07 tidbit: Last week's DC brand 5-heroes' Smallville episode made an unexpected reference to 'Amazing' Friends rather than 'Super'.