Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This is absolutely the worst time of year for sports fans. Canadian fans, anyway.

This coming weekend there is NO FOOTBALL. No NFL, people, for two freaking awful weeks. And this week, to make matters worse, there is also NO HOCKEY.

You call the NHL All Star Game real hockey? Give me a break. This game in Dallas is bound to be a brilliant demonstration of the travesty that is the "new NHL"-- the no-hitting, no-fun NHL.

Couldn't this league have come up with some sort of scheme which would have truly returned the game to what it was in the late 70s and 80s? Where you had the high-flying, freewheeling style of play with a little toughness thrown in? But instead they turned this game all European, getting rid of all the toughness. And the American fans all hate it bigtime.

But the NHL insists it is a big success. Now the Board of Governors has decided to keep its awful unbalanced schedule, so teams in the East don't get to meet many teams in the West at all. (Way to go, NHL). There's even talk of expansion (!), and all I will say about that is that these governors are smoking a lot of crack if that is what they want to do, expand this freaking league with all its problems. I guess they figure they can use the expansion money to make up for all the financial losses, due to the loss of all the fans that have turned right off this sport.

They still don't even know what to do with the Pittsburgh Penguins, yet, these fools! They really need to get out of Mellon Arena, that team. I noticed Sportsnet did a big story on their awful, cramped, disgusting visitors dressing room.

Anyway, what is a sports fan to do this week? Watch the WHL or OHL, I guess, or watch the National Lacrosse League. Ha! How about basketball on TV?! What a joke.

Me, I'm gonna watch NASCAR when it returns soon. I gotta say I love auto racing, and even though it is a very short off-season I miss it already. I'll be glad when it comes back.

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