Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Well, here I am trying to boost traffic by writing about lesbians on TV.

But you know, it's fun to write about lesbians. Of course Howard Stern loves lesbians, rants about them all the time on his show. They've made his career! But who cares about him.

Maybe I'm just jazzed up about the subject because I watched the David Lynch classic Mulholland Drive on CBC late at night last week, a really good movie. And quite unbelievably, the CBC didn't censor it. So I saw that famous scene where Laura Harring was making out with Naomi Watts. After seeing that I was going wow, what a scene. That was the most passionate, best kissing I have ever seen in a movie, period. Oscar-award-worthy kissing on the CBC.

And now I just can't get that beautiful Laura Harring woman out of my mind. Now I want to see this gorgeous femme fatale in her other movie roles. (Laura Harring: former Miss USA. The first of that long string of winners from Texas in the 1980s. Shown French-kissing Naomi Watts. The pageant isn't going to like this.)

Actually, there happens to be some actual lesbian TV news to tell you about, so here it is.


Courteney Cox Arquette (pictured) is starring in a new series on FX called Dirt, and all the buzz now is about how she's going to have an episode with her former Friends costar Jennifer Aniston. The ratings are going to go through the roof anyway, but get a load of this. On that episode Aniston plays a lesbian, and Jen and Courteney will get to share a big on-screen liplock.

Holy Cow. I guess they are desperate for ratings over there. Anyway, this is bound to work, this show is going to get to season 2 for sure after this. Though this cheap ratings stunt MAY NOT work--- here's a typical cynical reaction at TVGasm.

Hope these two women enjoy kissing each other. This should rank right up there with Laura & Naomi.


Now on to news about Dr. Gregory House's favorite show The L Word.

The new season has started on Showtime and here in Canada on Movie Central and after seeing this series on TV all I will say is I think I'm done with this show. What point is there to watching now? Too many of my favorite lesbians are gone from the cast.

There was Erin Daniels who was bumped off, which is too bad because I liked her. And Sarah Shahi left the cast. which is really too bad because she was absolutely the most gorgeous looker on the entire show (she was a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader). Maybe she simply got fed up with kissing girls all the time. Of course, Karina Lombard was the hottest babe ever, but they got rid of her a long time ago.

So that's basically everyone I was interested in on the show, gone. Who's left? Mia Kirshner? I'm fed up with all these cast changes and people quitting the show, especially when they're good-looking and popular with guys. It sort of kills interest in the show among the heterosexual members of the population. A good way to get your show cancelled.

Now the big story is that Cybill Shepherd is on the show now, trying to bail it out. And all I gotta say is who cares about Cybill Shepherd anymore either, she's too old. I guess Marlee Matlin is on the show, too. What are they going to do next, get Jennifer Aniston? They might as well, eh?

I don't think people want to see all these cast changes, they liked the show that was on before! And these cast changes are ruining it, going out and putting these big names in there. Maybe they're trying to make a big statement by doing this, putting these A-list people on. But as far as I'm concerned this show has already made its statement and doesn't need to prove itself any further, and doesn't need these big stars to begin with.

Anyway that's that. Thank you again to all you folks who found THE CAIRNS BLOG by entering the search term "Laura Harring."

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