Friday, January 05, 2007


Here's an article I came across on the Internet at the WSJ Law Blog on a TV writer in Hollywood. A guy by the name of Peter Blake is writing for the hit show House, and he has a law degree from Harvard. Apparently he hated law school at Harvard and wrote a spec script for Law and Order while he was there, and he actually handed it in as a school assignment! Gee, I wish my law school had allowed me to do that, I might have actually enjoyed my law school experience!

He ultimately chucked law and tried management consulting, and when he decided he was no good at that he finally decided to go Hollywood and got a slave-job there with a production company, and eventually became a TV writer. See there is hope for you lawyers in tall office buildings looking for cool careers. Interestingly, a lot of lawyers actually write for the show House--- I guess lawyers deal with lots of medical cases. And the main guy in charge there is a Canadian. So there's hope for you yet if that's what you really want to do.

As for my own "spec script" that I keep threatening to write for the heck of it, well, I haven't started it yet. But I do have an idea now about which TV show I'll "spec". Peter Blake actually has an interesting expression he uses--- he calls spec scripts "Fake scripts." Which they are! They aren't ever going to be used on a show, they're fake scripts! But that's how you get hired in Hollywood.

In other news there are a lot of lawyers on The Apprentice this year and I hope to write about that later. I guess they want into showbiz, too.

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