Thursday, January 04, 2007


With the Pittsburgh Penguins in limbo Kansas City is making a big offer to put the Penguins in a brand-new, rent-free arena for next season. Story from TSN.

Also, on that TSN link, get a load of the comments from these ranting Canadian fans who can't believe there are any hockey fans in the United States. Actually, there are all kinds of reasons these days why there are no hockey fans in the United States, which ought to be pretty obvious to Canadian fans. Like a bad TV deal, bad labor policies, all sorts of reasons.

But Kansas City could probably support an NHL team these days if the team was actually any good---- and the Penguins fit that bill. It would be the second time they had an NHL team there if it happens, and they had an IHL team there for the longest time and it got pretty good support. There's no NBA team either, so the coast is clear for the NHL if they want to go there.

Besides, the other teams in town there ain't so great. The Chiefs aren't too bad, but haven't won a Super Bowl in years. And look at the Royals, that team totally stinks! I think this market could do well with the NHL the second time around if they have a winning team on the ice.

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