Saturday, January 06, 2007


You know, Israel can't be allowed to do what the Times Online is reporting that it plans to do, which is to use nuclear weapons to blow up Iran's uranium enrichment facilities.

I mean thank you very much, Israel, welcome to World War III if you actually do this. I know the President of Iran is a madman, and the people of Iran think he's a madman, too, based on what they did to him in the recent election. But this is Israel taking leave of its senses if they do this, use nuclear weapons. A conventional strike I can sort of understand, but going nuclear!!!?

Yikes. Really, with this report and with El Nino going on, with all these storms hitting the west coast and with people playing golf in Chicago in the middle of winter, I have real trouble believing the Apocalypse isn't around the corner.

Hope they don't bomb Iran in the middle of the NFL playoff games tomorrow, or even during The Apprentice. That'll be my day of TV ruined.

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