Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Found this item on the TV Squad blog that The Insider Pat O'Brien is getting the boot over there at that show. Multiple sources say that his contract (worth $4 million) is up, and the next offer that he is likely to get from Paramount is going to be a big insult. So he's going to quit.

Apparently, O'Brien's infamous rehab stint and the notoriety surrounding it was his downfall, because the ratings stayed the same with him gone. I dunno who they'll get to replace him at The Insider. Maybe no one, they'll just have Lara Spencer go solo. Who cares anyway, I don't even watch the show.

Interesting this this news comes on the same day that Paramount boss Gail Berman got the boot. I think it's just a coincidence.

Also, that TV Squad item was speculating that O'Brien might return to sports. He hosted NBA games and then major league baseball over on CBS for a long time, and entertainment news was his side gig. He didn't go full-time as an entertainment reporter until only a few years ago. Of course, tons of ex-sports types have gone on to long careers in TV entertainment reporting including John Tesh, Mark Steines, Julie Moran, Jon Kelley (EXTRA!), Tony Potts (ACCESS!) and so on. I know Bob Goen of ET fame did local sports as well, though he made more of a mark as a game show host. Anyway, wouldn't surprise me if O'Brien went back. Bryant Gumbel left to do the "real broadcasting" thing for a while, too, in the morning, but he eventually returned to sports and that's what he is doing now.

I suppose it is possible that O'Brien could return to Access Hollywood: I keep hearing these rumors that Billy Bush wants out of Los Angeles. Bush tried out for some Today Show gig that would have gotten him out of LA for sure, but didn't get it.

Honestly, do you really think Pat O"Brien is going to miss much if he returned to sports? At least with sports he could discuss serious issues like whether allegedly juiced-up Mark McGwire deserves to be left out of the Hall of Fame. Would be a nice change from reporting this Trump-Rosie feud. Barbara Walters on the View show today called Donald Trump a "poor, pathetic man." And all the entertainment news shows reported it! This is what passes for entertainment news on TV.

If I were Pat O'Brien I would DEFINITELY go back to doing sports.

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