Thursday, January 11, 2007


Why don't these newspapers, and multiple sources, and anonymous sources, get it right for a change?! Especially when it comes to entertainment news?! I want my blog to be accurate and report accurate facts! But it's really hard when you have everyone saying one thing one day and then they all say something else the next.

You know what? I'm convinced this is all PR. They send out a phony rumor that Pat O'Brien is quitting, just to fire everyone up, and then the real truth comes out the next day. This reminds me of that phony Ryan Seacrest-Teri Hatcher rendezvous where those two snuggled for these supposed paparazzi cameras. I say "supposed" because I'll bet they were paid off. I'll bet you that was a big publicity stunt, and it worked, it got huge press.

Welcome to Hollywood, folks.

In any event here's something in the New York Post that says that Pat O'Brien is going to extend his deal with Paramount and stay at The Insider, and that you can expect him to haunt your TV screens for years to come. I'll believe it when I see it.

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