Monday, January 15, 2007


Just a reminder that the Golden Globes are on tonight.

Whether I can take them seriously is another story. This Tim Goodman rant says it all.

Read the ratings for last night and those silly Wisteria Lane women finished first, again, beating 24. But CBS won the night overall because of the big spillover ratings for NFL football and New England's road upset of the crumbling Chargers. The Patriots also did a lot of celebrating and taunting that led to some on-the-field fisticuffs. Also, 60 Minutes featured a ratings-grabbing interview with President Stupid, I mean Bush. At least the Democrats all think he's stupid.


Read that the once-good Apprentice show crashed into fourth place in its time slot with a terrible 2.9 rating among 18-49. I guess that gives Rosie O'Donnell more to crow about.

What do you expect from a show that has to rely on the cast of The Girls Next Door to make a cameo appearance to prop their show up?! What the heck was up with that--- having Bridget, Holly and Kendra show up?! When Donald Trump needs to rely on stars of other reality shows to prop up your own junk reality show, that's a sure sign of big trouble.

In fact I was having trouble concentrating on the show. I was watching 24 on the other channel and I was completely riveted. I think this is going to be the year when this 24 show reels me in for good; it's already off to a great start. It was easy for me to flip the channel to FOX because the Apprentice firing last night was sooooo predictable.

That Apprentice show last night was really pathetic, beyond embarrassing. Some idiot tried to market swimwear that no right-thinking male would be caught dead in. And of course his team lost because of it and he was fired. These are supposed to be the "brightest minds in business" on this show--- right. Where do they get these fools?! Off the street?! Um, uh---- yeah, actually they do.

I have just confirmed that The Apprentice this year features actors. Project manager Heidi who led her team to victory again is actually Heidi Androl, and she is actually a working actress in Hollywood! Here are her acting credits, which include lots of "babe" roles. She played a "hottie" in Not Another Teen Movie and had an appearance in a Playboy video---- nice Golden Globe-winning performances here. I also read that her boyfriend is an actor who appears on 7th Heaven. She is, though, quite the babe.

Needless to say I expect her to eventually be fired--- but not before they weed out the rest of these total idiots competing for a job with Trump. This Apprentice show is a joke.

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irealitytv said...

Jenn Hoffman and Michelle Sorro are also working actresses and have IMDB pages. That's three Apprentice candidates who are actors.

Anyone else?