Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Ran across this article about how 20th Century Fox is upset at Canada because of all the video piracy that supposedly is going on up here.

Apparently Canada is supposed to be a hotbed of piracy. Supposedly you have all these people going into movie theaters, and they are videotaping these movies and selling bootleg DVDs to China and India, and doing all these nasty things. Now Fox is making big noises about possibly pulling all of their movies out of Canada because of it! They claim Canada's doing nothing to stop piracy from happening, and that in fact these theaters aren't even allowed to arrest people or stop people from taping movies in theaters.

Now, I know that piracy is a big problem, and all these theaters in Canada have these big billboards up threatening people with a long jail term if they are ever caught pirating a movie and so on. But I gotta say this is ridiculous. If Fox pulls all their movies out of Canada that is going to serve no purpose than get everyone in Canada upset at them. It's bad enough that Canadians are being treated like second-class neighbours by the American government, which is now forcing people to show passports at the border and is generally treating Canadians as hostile foreigners. But when motion picture companies start treating Canadians this shabbily, well, it's really bad news. It's another slap in the face to Canada. And as that article that I linked to stated, this is just going to encourage Canadians to engage in even more piracy if Fox movies are banned in Canada or forced into a delayed-release schedule. Shame on Fox for even bringing up this stupid, birdbrained idea.

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