Saturday, January 06, 2007


This seems to be the season for the mid-season hook. Geraldo Rivera is heading back to the Fox News Channel now that his syndicated piece of junk Geraldo at Large has been cancelled. So a lot of these Fox and CW stations that carry this show are going to need to find something else to show. I dunno, Simpsons reruns or something.

I had actually read that this show was starting to do well in a few markets like New York. Problem is the show didn't do well elsewhere, and producing the show cost too much. That's why it's bitten the dust.

I read somewhere that might be developing a show to replace Geraldo. I wouldn't be surprised. Harvey Levin is in charge over at TMZ and he is heavily into TV anyway, with The People's Court and other shows. TMZ is basically the online successor to TV's Celebrity Justice that ran before. I wouldn't be surprised if we see it on TV now that the website has become so big.

And here's a story about the cancelled syndicated daytime talker Megan Mullally. In the piece, the down-the-middle, objective Nikki Finke calls the show "awful," says it was "me me me" all the time and wraps up her piece by declaring "good riddance to this rubbish."

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