Wednesday, January 10, 2007


You know, we keep on hearing all about what the CBC is doing wrong all the time. All that public money wasted on sporting events and Hollywood movies, and on all the flop shows they put on. And all that.

Well, to my eyes it seems like the CBC is making a concerted attempt over there to try and do things right. True, they've generally flopped bigtime with their dramas and talk shows, but they are getting good numbers with sports and extremely good numbers with comedy this season. They drew around a million for the Air Farce and almost that number for a comedy special with Ron James over the holiday period.

Comedy has been "the" area of dominance for the CBC over the years--- particularly comedy with underlying political/social overtones. Like this latest show they have on now.

They have a new sitcom on now called Little Mosque on the Prairie, and it's about these Muslims living life in a small prairie town called Mercy. It's a show that has generated a huge amount of buzz from bloggers and people who think this show is the end of civilization, portraying Muslims in a positive light and all that. The gimmick of the show is that Muslims can be funny and the joke's on everyone else.

Well, the ratings are in and two million people tuned in to this show. Two freaking million. That's pretty good. The reviews seem respectful, nobody's called it a complete piece of junk. Given that this is Canada where TV reviewers hate all TV shows, that ain't bad.

Anyway, here's a Q-and-A with the creator of the show Zarqa Nawaz in the Globe plus a profile of her in the Eyeopener (Ryerson newspaper). She actually lived in Regina for a time. Anyway, this must be a relief for the CBC to actually have a show on the air that people are actually talking about. FOR A CHANGE.

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