Monday, January 01, 2007


Welcome to 2007! Now the bad news. This is shaping up to be a big year for strikes in the entertainment industry.

Read that the Writer's Guild of America West is bracing for a strike that could hit in the fall of this year. So get ready for your favorite TV shows to get messed up with no scripts.

Also, ACTRA has been sabre-rattling and prepping for a big, freaking strike, too. Talks broke down but now the Hollywood Reporter says they are back on. The union, in fact, postponed the strike because apparently there were some new proposals put on the table, so the good news is they are back at it. An ACTRA strike would mess up all the TV shows shot in Canada --- all the ones with Canadian actors and actresses, anyway, and that's basically every single one of them! And you may ask yourself "well, who cares about Canadian TV shows", but you wouldn't believe the number of shows that are shot here that use Canadian actors. Apparently there's a dispute about how much of the new media money is supposed to go to the actors and actresses. The want new media residuals and a pay increase of 15%.

Looks like it could be a rocky year ahead, so enjoy taking a trip to your local Blockbusters, folks, so you can catch up on all those old movies you never had a chance to see. Enjoy seeing your favorite actors and actresses hanging out in bars and getting in the tabloids this year because, well, that's what happens when people go on strike! Should be a Happy New Year for ET, Access Hollywood, People, Us and everyone else.

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