Thursday, January 04, 2007


I dunno about you but I am sick and tired of seeing these Donald Trump stories on Entertainment Tonight all the time.

Today The Donald was on The Today Show and berating Rosie O'Donnell again. He was seen again on ET, saying Rosie was a "degenerate". "She's pushy, she's disgusting," Trump was seen on ET saying. And Ivanka was on the Today Show, too, standing up for dear old dad. But really, this is getting out of control. This is Donald trashing Rosie on TV every single freaking day all the time on every show unfortunate enough to have him, and he should just lay off. He's not garnering any sympathy for himself by doing this.

ET was also reporting that Miss USA Tara Conner apparently has received a rumored big offer from Playboy and the Donald says "we're looking at it."


ET also went on and on about sportscaster Jim Lampley who was accused of beating up the former Miss California. Read about it here, he was arrested in a domestic violence dispute. And I was surprised to hear this because I thought he was married to Bree Walker. I guess they split. Anyway TMZ is reporting Lampley was accused of being drunk.

Anyway ET spun this as more trouble for the Miss USA organization and more bad press. Personally, I think these are all leaks in order to promote The Apprentice.


Speaking of The Apprentice, here's an early review of the show in LA. Not a good review at all. But there are lots of people out there who hated the entire series from Day One, and I wonder whether this is one of them or not. Here's a more neutral view from the Buffalo News. I personally reserve judgement about these sorts of things because quite frankly I know that the Donald has a lot of haters out there ready to trash his show at every turn, and I don't happen to be one of them. I happen to remember the days when this show was good. Or maybe not good, but better than what it's become. Bottom line is I want to make up my own mind about whether this year's show is total rubbish or not without some loser in the press telling me what to think.

Anyway, all I will say is that the move to LA looks like a cheap stunt. And I don't like this idea of having the losing team sleep in tents. But apparently Mark Burnett is convinced this is a great idea--- so good, in fact, that his flagship show is going to rip The Apprentice off!

What I heard is that the next season of Survivor is going to rip off The Apprentice. Winning teams are going to live in the lap of luxury while the losers get to live in the wild! A lot of people don't like this, I read some rant on some blog somewhere where they were criticizing this and saying this defeated the whole purpose of Survivor. The whole purpose is that you're supposed to have these people out there roughing it, that's what they were saying about it!

Anyway enough about Mister You're-Fired, I am sick of reporting this Rosie feud business.

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