Tuesday, January 09, 2007


THE CAIRNS BLOG is back with our live continuing coverage of the Donald Trump-Rosie O'Donnell feud. Rosie went back on the air at The View show which I don't bother to watch, and now it appears she is mad as heck at Barbara Walters for what she allegedly said about Rosie to Trump on the phone. In public Walters said last week that she never told Donald that she didn't want Rosie on the View show. "Nothing could be further from the truth", she said.

Well. According to reports, Rosie confronted Babs backstage and called her a "bleeping" liar, and was angry that Babs didn't call Trump a liar for what he said.

Trump has now gone on the offensive again and says Babs told him that working with Rosie was like, quote, "living in hell." End quote. Trump also alleges that Walters called Rosie a "pig". She allegedly told Donald "never get in the mud with pigs". And so on.

Now the Donald has written some letter to Rosie, claiming Walters "lied to both of us." Why Donald Trump would even bother writing a letter to Rosie O'Donnell, who he keeps calling a degenerate on TV and so on, is anyone's guess.

Anyway, this really has turned into World War III and I guess the Donald is not going to stop until, until---- Rosie is fired from The View. Donald's main problem is that Rosie works for someone else, so the Donald can't fire her. Maybe what Trump needs to do is look into buying the Walt Disney Company. THEN he can fire Rosie!

Stay tuned, this silliness is not over yet.

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