Thursday, January 04, 2007


Here are the details of the big cabinet shuffle with John Baird taking over the environment file from the embattled Rona Ambrose.

Ambrose gets Intergovernmental Affairs instead. Vic Toews moves to the Treasury Board to take over from Baird and there are a few other changes as well. Word is Stephen Harper chose Baird for environment because he has a reputation for getting things done. Okay, then.

They also added five new cabinet ministers including Gerry Ritz, Jason Kenney, and Helena Guergis.

This is widely billed to be a pre-election shuffle and all I will say about this is that my sources have it that the election will be this spring. All I will say once again is that I am fed up with elections, and so are you. This government would be much better off allowing the opposition to force a spring vote and let them take the heat for it, because the people of Canada are super-tired of elections and want to see Parliament get to work. Or in this case, keep working.

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