Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Ahem. I have yet to serve up my list of bad TV shows--- I will get around to it, I hope, by week's end--- but it seems the Golden Globes telecast has to rank up there as bad TV.

The production was beset with gaffes and the critics unloaded mercilessly. Getting the brunt of the criticism is unfortunate entertainment reporter and CAIRNS BLOG fave Maria Menounos, who is getting unfairly trashed for seeming to ignore America Ferrera after her Ugly Betty win; then she was accused of asking inane questions of her after she won. Personally I don't see what was so bad about it--- it didn't seem like such a big deal. But Page Six killed her, said the producers hated her. And now there are videos of the whole thing floating around at YouTube, too, so Maria now has her own 15 minutes of infamy. Just like J.J. Ramberg (gag! choke!), Saddam Hussein and everyone else.

If she was going to be put on YouTube couldn't she have at least done something dramatic, like pass out or choke or something? Or have a wardrobe malfunction like Janet Jackson, or swear on live TV like Vanessa Minnillo did one time? What happened seemed actually pretty tame and no big deal.

I think the producers are to blame here--- they didn't seem to give Maria any direction at all or any idea that America Ferrera was standing right beside her! That's my theory of what happened. They are all covering their rear ends right now and trying to blame the help when they are the ones to be blamed.

Reminds me of the time when I did an infamous interview with Ronald McDonald, which ranks for all time as the lowest point of my time in TV. I just wanted to slit my wrists after that, it was such a humiliation---- and in fact after the interview was over I made a point of having dinner at the Burger King.

What happened was that clown Ronald infamously botched up Mayor Hazel McCallion's name and stormed off in mid-interview, leaving me totally hanging live-to-tape. I was going "Ronald, come back!" Ronald had wanted to do the whole thing over again but of course this was all going back to the studio live, so we couldn't do it over. Of course he didn't come back, and I got an earful from the producer at the studio who was yelling at me on the earpiece. (Pooja Handa, who later left to do traffic reports at Global TV in Toronto, was the anchor in the studio at the time and if she's reading this she probably remembers what happened and must be doubling over in laughter right now.)

I was ticked off and angry because I was just there doing my job! I was there doing the interview, it wasn't my fault that Ronald blew his lines!! I sure ended up looking like a big idiot on TV, just like Maria Menounos.

It sounds like this NBC production crew is totally envious of Maria Menounos and jealous of her, based on the bad stuff I've read in the Post and in the Defamer and elsewhere. They seem to be trying to make poor Maria out to be a diva in the press when it was them who made the bush league hash of that whole Golden Globe production! Listen, the talent is under a lot of pressure to perform and look good, and the talent has to stare at the camera; they can't be looking everywhere to see what big star to put on. If they do that, they look bad on TV! Maria read her lines and did her freaking job! They should have alerted Maria properly and put America Ferrera on, if these producers were any good at their jobs. I'll bet you they left it totally up to Maria. Typical.

All I gotta say to Maria, who I've had quite the crush on ever since seeing her live at the 2005 Toronto film fest, is: don't let these bastards in the press get you down! I still think you're the greatest. That's it!

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