Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well, the big news in the sports world today is that David Beckham, soccer star andwashed-up former England captain, is going completely Hollywood. He's signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy in one of the richest deals in sports. A million bucks a week.

This isn't a total surprise because rumors were swirling since last fall that Beckham might go to LA. While I have no idea what the reaction is in LA, already the phones in Toronto are off the hook with excited fans wondering when Toronto FC is going to play Beckham. This is already a big boost to the whole league. That Toronto franchise is going to move up bigtime in the eyes of the Toronto public because of this news.

But a million a week? This sounds crazy. You know, the old NASL went down the tubes because of all the wild spending that went on. Pele went to the New York Cosmos and the league started getting some good gates, but then everyone else got into the act and the whole league spent itself right into obvlivion.

Now the buzz is that Beckham is "trying to succeed where Pele failed." Actually, Pele didn't fail--- when he went to New York there was tons of interest! He got good crowds. But one player can only do so much and that gimmick-ridden, lousy NASL had a lot of problems to begin with. For instance, that league awarded six points for a win, and they had these crazy bonus points based on goals scored or something like that. No one could follow that freaking league.

Frankly Beckham isn't going to get soccer to the same level as baseball or football. Too many of these silly sportswriters are too hooked on baseball to bother with soccer! Soccer has the media stacked against them. I looked at ESPN and their top story today was the Chicago Bears. They buried this Beckham story, those fools! But that's what soccer has to face from the sporting press in the USA.

My worry is that MLS, which has tried to be financially responsible up until now, is going to go crazy spending money on big international players, and will spend itself right out of business. I am not worried about David Beckham's ability to pack them in or even to fit in with LA. Heck, he's practically gone Hollywood already, him and his glamorous wife (Victoria Beckham). I'm sure Entertainment Tonight and these other shows will have a field day, covering Beckham.

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