Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Well I am still compiling my list of Worst Shows on TV for 2006 and all I will say is that it is an embarrassment of riches this year. And trying to figure out what to put on this list and what to leave off is a chore. I guess if I wanted to take the easy way out that all I need to do is say "every show on MTV Canada" and that would be it, the list would be complete. But there are far too many bad TV shows to be able to simply do that.

Maybe I should compile lists of "worst channels on TV". MTV Canada would most definitely be on the list, it seems like every show on that channel is bad. Every freaking one of them. But that's another list.

Anyway, I know two shows to put on the list already--- on January 1, a few channels were running lots of these series "marathons". I got inundated with a My Fair Brady marathon and a The Girls Next Door marathon, so thank you very much, I know at least two shows to put on the Worst of 2006 list.

Really, these reality TV shows are terrible. (I am also tempted to put the game shows in the same category, but too many of them are too good.) The problem with putting The Girls Next Door on this list is that this show is utterly addictive! It is addictive the way Fear Factor is addictive- same for Blind Date, Elimidate and these other junk shows. You're sucked in, whether you like it or not. But My Fair Brady is utter junk, who wants to see these two losers Chris Knight and Adrianne Curry get married.

Another piece of junk is that show with Hulk Hogan's daughter in it. Really, all these reality shows all need to go.

Speaking of bad shows I notice The Apprentice is coming back, too, for another inept season on Sunday. For the record The Donald claims it's his best show yet. Well, I'll let you know if it is or not. Actually, I think giving this show a rest has done this franchise the world of good, the fans are revved up for the show after waiting all this time. Also premiering on the same night is You're the One That I Want, where these bozos look to cast the lead to Grease. Don't you think this sounds bad? If you're going to put on a show, why not simply put on Grease and be done with it? Don't bother putting on a reality show about casting a show, that's a waste of time. I'm thinking this show reeks of The One: Making a Music Star. This sounds like a complete disaster waiting to happen.

Anyway give me a few days to figure out my Worst Ten List, I am still going through the dreck.

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